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Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life

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Learn the practical wisdom to expand your mind and grow beyond limitations and simple yet effective strategies to help you live a happy, stress-free, and fulfilled life.

In this inspiring and deeply personal book, author, PhD research scientist, and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher Dr. Narjes shares simple and practical tools to increase your focus, heal your pain, and unlock your best life.

After a series of wake-up calls-a natural disaster, a stressful workplace, a health crisis-Dr. Narjes found the wisdom that answers her life-long questions and helps her heal her physical and emotional pain to create the life she truly wants. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others heal and live their best lives.

In Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life, she shares her unique techniques and strategies, a brilliant blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, to counteract the stress and overstimulation caused by modern life. With these tools, you’ll develop the ability to focus, help your mind slow down, enjoy the gift of the present moment, and unleash your highest potential.

Grow Your Mind, Grow Your Life is a guide for anyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life in this fast-paced world. Whether you are experiencing everyday life challenges or an immediate crisis, want to grow your sense of happiness and fulfillment, or want a deeper understanding of life itself, you will find practical advice and invaluable insights in this book.

You will learn how to

  • refine your limiting beliefs,
  • use the distractions of modern life to your advantage,
  • use the power of gratitude to heal your pain and be happy,
  • keep your focus on the present moment,
  • use your power of choice,
  • strengthen your mind to become more positive,
  • design your best future,
  • and more. . . .

Editorial Reviews

“Dr Narjes Gorjizadeh is one of LivingNow Magazine’s favourite authors. Her articles for us offer valuable insights; and, likewise, this helpful book delivers useful tools for readers to upgrade their lives!”

-Emma Stephens, LivingNow Magazine Editor

“This book is a powerful recipe to heal and be happy. With easy, practical and effective tools, it is a great companion for anyone to grow their mind and grow their life too. I highly recommend it.”

-Vikas Malkani, The Wisdom Coach

“I know Dr. Narjes’s techniques in this book will change the lives of many people, especially those who are searching for the meaning of life.”

-Dr. Marzieh Asgari, Deakin University

Reader Reviews

Incredible! Insightful, relatable and practical 

“I don’t think I’ve ever written a book review before but I loved this book so much I wanted to share. I am big into self development and also Eastern practices and I thought I had found a way to marry the two but this book blew me away. The way Narjes blends these two things is so clever and everything she writes is backed by science and psychological theory. It’s not just ideas either, it is so practical with steps we can do every day. The title and picture probably don’t do justice to what you’ll get from this book. Please buy it and see for yourself.” – N. J. Bennett, UK

Practical wisdom on how to improve your life

“It’s a wonderful book, very inspiring and easy to read.  We all can benefit from learning unique strategies and techniques to get in control of our lives, which a lot of us lost due to stress and overstimulation caused by modern life and now aggregated by the aftermath of Covid lockdown/restrictions. I highly recommend it!” – Karina, US

This is one of the best books I’ve read!

“It’s definitely life changing and goes really well with busy people like us. How remarkable the way Dr Narjes Gorjizadeh has integrated a new approach that is so amazingly effective in teaching us her simple and very practical wisdom. I’m highly motivated and inspired by these techniques which are very impactful and well suitable for today’s lifestyle ! Those very reliable techniques are blended exquisitely with ancient wisdom and modern science, have helped me to manage my stress to a surprising level. I was experiencing lot of stress due to prevailing uncertainty and crisis and after reading this incredible book has now improved my focus, thinking, the way I approach, my energy and then definitely my productivity. A powerful book that should be placed within arms reach and strongly recommended.” – Dilshan, Sri Lanka

Practical, insightful and empowering!

“Dr. Narjes very clearly and compellingly outlines practical strategies that shift our bodies and minds from stress and negativity to calm and harmony. Her personal stories and anecdotes bring to life the deep wisdom that is foundational to this book, while presenting the science that supports these perspectives. The insights in this book are empowering and liberating – what a refreshing read, especially in these times of increased stress and anxiety!” – Yvonne, Australia