Dr. Narjes uses her unique G.R.O.W. model of coaching to help her clients grow their mind and grow their life on any area that they want to focus on. She combined modern science with ancient wisdom to create specific steps and a powerful process to get clarity and optimize your results in life. This coaching program gives you happiness, peace and positivity in your mind and clarity, focus and greater success in your life.

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Dr. Narjes is a certified teacher of meditation and mindfulness with SoulCentre Academy that is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre. She teaches SoulCentre’s trademarked meditation courses from beginners to Advanced level. Narjes brings her scientific background  to her teachings to provide a clear understanding of the deep concepts of meditation for her students and make her classes truly life changing. Her unique teaching style is much appreciated by her students.


Dr. Narjes provides inspirational and impactful keynote presentations at events, and for communities and organizations. She is an authentic speaker who brings insights and wisdom to her audience to inspire them live their best life and gives them practical tools to create the life they want.

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